Prof. Jude T. Lubega | ICT & Management Consultant, Professor, Practitioner and Rotarian​

Multimedia to Enhance Blended Learning Experience in Constrained Low Bandwidth Environment.

The Authors:

Suhail, N. A., Lubega, J., and Maiga, G.

Publication Type: Journal Paper   |    No. of Views: 769 views

Year of Publication: 2012


This paper identifies multimedia compatible with the challenges of constrained low bandwidth environment by using a Multi Level Systematic Approach (MLSA) through literature investigation, aimed to enhance blended learning experience in developing countries. At level I, a huge database for various media formats was identified. At level II, most commonly used visual media was selected based upon the usability characteristics. At Level III, we conducted a critical deep investigation of selected very commonly used media formats using different characteristics. The analysis of Level III investigation was done at Level IV. The study concluded that MP4, MP3 and JPEG or PNG are, respectively, the video, audio and graphic formats compatible with the challenges of constrained low bandwidth environment. This paper extends some sections of the previous work published by the same authors.