Prof. Jude T. Lubega | ICT & Management Consultant, Professor, Practitioner and Rotarian​

Identification and Performance Analysis of Multimedia to Enhance Blended Learning Experience in Constrained Bandwidth Environment.

The Authors:

Suhail, N. A., Lubega, J., and Maiga, G.

Publication Type: Journal Paper   |    No. of Views: 565 views

Year of Publication: 2013


Multimedia is increasingly becoming popular in higher education worldwide as it significantly improves the perceived level of user satisfaction and motivation. This paper identifies visual media formats such as video, audio, and graphics compatible with constrained bandwidth environment using a Multi Level Systematic Approach. Critical literature investigation indicates that MPEG-4, MP3, and JPEG or PNG are the only media formats suitable for implementation of blended learning process in developing countries. By using client driven metric ‘latency’ , the paper also examines the performance of various media types with focus on visual media through an experimental scientific research process. The research results affirm that performance of the above identified visual media is better than other formats in the same category, as well as multimedia performance has enhanced significantly when both network and application are optimized as compared to independent optimization. This paper is the extension of the authors previous publications.