Prof. Jude T. Lubega | ICT & Management Consultant, Professor, Practitioner and Rotarian​

Design for a Learner-Oriented Tracking.

The Authors:

Sun, L., Lubega, J. and William, S.

Publication Type: Journal Paper   |    No. of Views: 895 views

Year of Publication: 2004


Learning Management Systems (LMS) in e-learning have functionality for monitoring learning activities. The statistics generated from learning performances can be processed for tutors and a group of learners to improve their quality of teaching and learning. However the current LMS are not designed to facilitate personalised learning support for an individual learner, e.g. adaptive delivery, constructive feedback on assessment and real-time learning activities monitoring. This paper presents a learner-oriented tracking approach for one-to-one support. Technical components of this approach can be embedded in the LMS to effectively facilitate learning experience of the individual learner and quality of learning content design. A learner-oriented tracking model relies on the information from a Learner’s Profile and educational requirements. This determines initially suitable learning content (learning objects) and delivery methods and also provides monitoring information about learners’ experiences.